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what the hell?

Dude, Christmas is tomorrow.
What the hell?

We are SLACKERS and just honestly put our tree up yesterday and just decorated it an hour ago.
We are THAT cool and holiday-ish. Woo.

So I totally cannot believe that it is Christmas tomorrow. That's just crazy.

Luckily we're having Christmas dinner and such here, so that means that I won't have to travel anywhere and can relax on my own couch as well as KNIT by myself while adults discuss what college I'm going to and what I want to do with the rest of my life, ETC...

Please, make a life choice for me.

Anyway, so we always have pierogies for dinner on Christmas, so my dad and sister and I went and made them from scratch and they are yummy. Mmm. Polish-ness.

I really don't have any major expectations for tomorrow. Oh well.

Buon Natale.
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